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You are expected to wear the uniform correctly on the way to and from school, as wellas during the school day . In addition to the uniform requirements:
• white, blue or black shoes.
• Boys are allowed to wear a plain black belt.
• Socks must be black, grey, blue or white-
• Trousers must be neatly hemmed.
• Girls who wear the hegab must wear a white one.
• No visible t-shirts.
• Students should not wear make-up or nail varnish.
•Jewellery must be limited to a watch and girls may wear one small pair of studearrings.
• Boys must be clean-shaven.
•Hair for boys and girls should be neatly groomed and of natural colour. Boyshair should not fall below the collar.
• Hair bands should be white or navy blue, or matchnatural hair colour.
• Sleeves may not be rolled.
Ifyou fail to comply with these expectations you will not be allowed to attendclass if not in full uniform.
Allmedical conditions requiring a student to wear special items (includingfootwear) must be explained by a doctors medical note to be verified by theschool doctor.
Non-uniformdays will be coordinated during the school year. You must dress according tothe following regulations:
• No clothing with offensive logos or wording
• No excessive jewellery (the usual uniform coderemains in place for jewellery)
• Dress conservatively - avoid short skirts, shorts,tops which show midriffs, sleeveless shirts.
- Youare expected to attend every school day unless you are sick. If-you are absent,your parents should telephone the school before 9.30am to say why you areabsent and when you will be expected to return.
- Theday you return to school, you must show social worker a signed not from doctor confirming thedates you have been absent and the reason within 48 hours from your absence.
- Whateverthe reason for any absence, you are advised to consult your teachers and/or aska reliable classmate about the work covered during your absence and to takeresponsibility for catching up on work missed.
- Five(5) days absence during a term (regardlessof the reason) is considered a serious cause for concern- Should you miss 5days in a term, your parents will be invited to school to discuss yourattendance and consequences will be discussed (see notes which follow forAmerican High School Diploma Attendance Requirements).
-TheEgyptian Ministry of Education insists that all students maintain a rate ofattendance above 85%.
·Arriving on time is expected.
·If you are not in class by 8.15am, your Teacher willmark you late. If you are delayed-because a school bus was late, you shouldexplain this to your Teacher; . If you are late to class for any other reasonyou can expect to be issued a Break Detention for the same day of the lateness;persistent lateness will result in further sanction.
·Bells signal the end of each period and the end ofbreaks. Lateness to lessons during the school day is not acceptable. You arerecorded late if you are not in class within 5 minutes of the bell soundingbetween lessons .If you are repeatedly late for lessons, your teacher willissue a Misconduct Report and place you in detention.
Defining late/truant/absent
5minutes after bell = late
15minutes or more after bell = truant
3unexcused tardiness  = 1 unexcusedabsence
Early Dismissal
If youneed to be dismissed early from school, you must bring a note, dated and signedby your parent stating the reason. Give this note to your social worker whowill pass it on to the principal personal.
TheSecretary may verify such arrangements with your parents. Doctors notes,verification of university admissions appointments, etc. will be required.
Earlydismissals are recorded in the attendance register. You are discouraged frommaking appointments (dentist, doctor, etc.) during the school day, as you willmiss class work.